a Levelled program designed for OTs

I know from experience there are limited courses that will work through the complex demands that an OT can face in the school setting.

The iPads at School Levelled Program will walk you through 3 Levels.

Registration is closed for November 14, 2016

Don't worry....You can learn now with my iPads and OT course

A Quick Review:



Level One 

how to find apps that fit your clients needs

how to set up the iPad to provide the best feedback

how to create your own app list based on your caseload needs


level two 

how to move skills from one app or program to another

how to move skills out of technology and onto paper 

how to ensure set up successful technology goals for skill development


how to work on high functioning skills with technology

how to work on communication skills through an OT focus

how to move towards your OT goals with your own business in mind