video: barriers for technology success



Done the video?  Great! I hope you enjoyed it. 

Now you can download the Action Sheet to give it a try

The video above is me (Susan Schenk) reviewing the Action Sheet that is found in the iPads and OTs course (the original iPads at School Course) and the iPads at School Level One Program -- this allows you to review the documents you will be using before you print them off. I think that's helpful, don't you?  My teaching videos are more detailed and I review more strategies to help you learn before you move into the action sheets.  I also review apps in action to allow you see how to set them up for your clients and customize them! 

Why do I have this video in both the iPads and OTs course and the iPads at School Level One Program?

Good Question.  The iPads and OTs course is a self-directed course.  You will learn from the videos and action sheets which is wonderful.  In this course, you will not receive direct support from me, however, it might be all you want and need at this time and if that's the case, you can sign up for the course HERE. 

The iPads at School Levelled Program is more detailed and is working towards an overall new approach to skill development -- which is completed in 3 Levels of this Program -- this is why my direct support is offered. 

If you are serious about learning a new approach to using technology to develop skills and maybe even a new future in OT -- as they will be a business component to this program -- then the iPads at School Levelled Program is for you which starts with Level One! This program is only offered 2 times a year, so if you want on board, take a look at the deadlines for enrollment HERE

Well, my friend, I hope you are ready to take on the barriers that your clients might face when it comes to technology.  With your support I know they will get the results they are looking for.