video + Action Sheet: barriers for technology success



Done the video?  Great! I hope you enjoyed it. 

Now you can download the Action Sheet to give it a try

The video above is me (Susan Schenk) reviewing the Action Sheet that is found in the iPads and OTs course which is the original iPads at School Course and my iPads at School Levelled Program which will be available again later this year.  The Action Sheet video allows you to review the documents you will be using before you print them off. I think that's helpful, don't you?  

My teaching videos are more detailed and I review more strategies to help you learn before you move onto the action sheets. I also review apps in action to allow you to see how to set them up for your clients and customize them!

Well, my friend, I hope you are ready to take on the barriers that your clients might face when it comes to technology.  With your support I know they will get the results they are looking for.