It's time to work together and figure out the best plan for yourself or your child.  

Moms, I get it.

It's hard to navigate through all the facts and figure out what best fits your child's needs at home and school.  Your child could be heading into school or they might be in high school ...the focus is still the same to help your child reach their full potential and allow them to see their learning abilities! 

The VIP Strategy Sessions is about having the support you need each week to help your child make progress... 

With the VIP experience you will receive my initial consultation session along with a document with the priorities and plans for your child and their learning. You will also receive a resource list that shows you what tools to consider and a link for you to buy them without any confusion.  

You will receive weekly phone or video calls to follow up with you to check on your concerns or questions and ensure you have the support you need to help your child.   

You're investment is $599.00 per month with a 3 month minimum.  

I was having a difficult time managing my time with my daughter, I was unsure if I should be working on physio, speech, fine was all very new and overwhelming

The biggest VIP take away was having a schedule written up for our day and I felt I had a better grasp on making the most of my daughter’s day. I also felt like I was encouraged to just play and be her mom and everything didn’t need to be planned and structured

The Strategy Sessions helped us at a time where we were very overwhelmed and at a stand still, I found the iPad helpful when my daughter was unable to speak

After the Strategy Sessions, I felt much more confident and organized. I felt like she made gains quicker, and I spent less time figuring out what to do with our time and referred to the schedule and suggestions from Susan.

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